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Welcome to Fitness the Holistic Way, founded as result of many years of personal experience, education and continuous further studies.

My name is Katya, and I have a great passion for Women’s Fitness and offer general Personal Training. I also specialise in areas I love such as Exercise For The Older Adult, Ante and Postnatal Exercise, Walking Levels 1-3, Running, Nutrition / Weight Loss and Rehabilitating Sports Injuries. Additionally I teach Stress Management, Breathing Techniques, Meditation and Reiki Healing. I am also studying complementary therapies and counselling.

fitness training for everyone, holistic fitness Mornington Peninsula My aim is to take you on a “complete” holistic fitness journey step by step, inspired and designed to assist your physical development and growth in the most effective way: where Body, Mind and Soul will gradually, naturally, and gently merge as one… blissfully bringing you the Perfect Balance.

My mission is to guide you to discovering, experiencing, treasuring and therefore retaining all the beneficial effects, so they willingly remain within you as part of your every day routine.

Life has many challenges to overcome, and we can all get lost along the way from time to time; yet, ultimately, we will always find our right path, determined by our own choices and decisions…

Think of me as your own guide; my knowledge, empathy and intuition will offer a different approach to the usual almost totally rule driven and restricted idea of “just fitness…” Fitness the Holistic Way recognises knowledge doesn’t just come from studied theory, but from a continuous lifelong experience. Everything I teach comes with first hand experience. This includes a competitive sports environment very early in life, overcrowded city gyms and lack of green spaces, a fast paced career, my own pregnancies, births, motherhood, injuries and physiological changes.

I will give you my total commitment and devoted understanding from which we will establish a foundation to work from, creating steps which will assist you by giving you energy, a sense of purpose and wellbeing.

I welcome clients with the wish they can be themselves, accept who and where they presently are, rather than judging themselves harshly or allowing themselves to be judged by external sources. I encourage leaving the “competitive” element behind, as this indeed creates anxiety in an already too competitive and materialistic society driven by perfection.

Fitness the Holistic Way focuses on moving forward and finding natural balance through evolving and discovering yourself. Therefore, the word “change” is excluded from Fitness the Holistic Way’s vocabulary, as no sooner do we hear this word, then reluctance instantly echoes within us and resistance inevitably takes over. It is not about change, but about our journey continuing as we daily inhale what we feel is needed, and exhale what is no longer needed.

If this reflects your experience or beliefs, Fitness the Holistic Way will benefit you.